Environment Controlled Vault Service

Controlled Environment Vault (CEV)
for Critical Documents and Records

Secure space for storing critical documents and copies, such as title deeds, collateral, and electronic media, or important documents that must be maintained and protected. DataSafe developed the facility to endure temperatures of up to 1,100 degrees Celsius and to have temperature and relative humidity controlled 24 hours a day, seven days a week. There is also a secure access mechanism in place to ensure the maximum safety of important documents and customer copies.

Double security
door system

24-hour temperature control

Facial recognition system


Customers can be assured of the following security features:

  • Computer and barcode controlled.
  • Temperature and relative humidity controlled
  • Walls and ceilings with a fire-resistance rating of 1,100°C
  • Automated fire suppression units both inside and outside the building
  • Anti-theft system
  • Two-layer safety door system
  • Facial recognition system for entry and exit
  • CCTV both inside and outside the building